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Green Light Energy Solutions Corporation takes great pride in introducing our innovative Waste-to-Energy (WtE) technology, Waste Conversion Pyrolysis (WCP), and equipment to the international market.

In response to the global waste crisis, we offer an environmentally and economically sound solution that generates electrical energy, harvests process heat, reclaims industrial-grade water, and minimizes or even  eliminates the need for a landfill while processing  municipal solid waste (MSW). Our WCP technology and equipment are field-tested and scalable to meet any capacity requirements.

By creating successful partnerships with various stakeholders in the environmental industry, corporate sector, government agencies, and financial community, we  support our own fundamental principles of  shaping our green future: by facilitating business opportunities as a means of solving environmental problems, we create win-win outcomes, promote economic growth.

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Alex Feerer,

President & Chairman of the Board



GLES Worldwide Release

San Francisco, USA - May 22, 2015 - GLES launches commercial sales of the unique Waste Conversion Pyrolysis Equipment. The company manufactures and supplies key equipment of the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis that generates electrical energy, harvests process heat, reclaims industrial-grade water, and minimizes or even  eliminates the need for a landfill while processing  municipal solid waste (MSW).

Alex Feerer, CEO

Technology and equipment were tested in full 125 TPD scale (loaded with the presorted and dryed mixed MSW) and proved its efficiency and invoronmental safety. Independent international agency SGS made and an official  report on the air emissions of the WCP facility.

Alex Feerer, CEO

Kindly watch the video showing WCP facility in operation during tests.

We are glad to announce that the full set of the equipment documentation including operations manual is completed and commercial production is launched.

Kindly find the detailed description of the WCP technological line incuding Front and End Equipment characteristics in the
Equipment Specification.

Alex Feerer, CEO

The Waste Conversion Pyrolysis equipment is supplied with a set of the operational documentation and manuals. Green Light Energy Solutions provides training of the operating personnel and designers supervision over assembling of its proprietary equipment as well as over commissioning of the entire facility.

GLES would be glad to supply our unique equipment for the Waste-to-Energy projects all over the world.

More photos of the equipment production you may find in our Photo Gallery.

Dear potential partners, kindly fill in the Project Questionnaire. Based on the provided waste morphology GLES shall calculate mass and energy balance of the technological process for your project.

This will help us provide you with the best client-focused service!


Energy from Waste

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The technological break through that is our proprietary Waste Conversion Pyrolysis Technology will allow for future's treatment methods that will challenge current models for waste disposal and energy production.



Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners,

We are sure you have already heard about Breakthrough Energy Coalition. As COP21 opened in Paris on November 30 th, Bill Gates announced the Breakthrough energy coalition uniting the efforts of two dozens of other billionaire philanthropists such as Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos to sponsor energy that doesnt produce carbon.

Billionaires Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and other high-profile entrepreneurs have pledged to spark a new economic revolution based around clean energy after launching a new investment drive for renewables. Over the next year, they will work together to develop effective and creative mechanisms to analyze potential investments coming out of the research pipeline, create investment vehicles to facilitate those investments.

We have sent presented GLES high-temperature pyrolysis technology for processing municipal solid waste into clean energy to the Coalition members.  Now we are happy to share with you their first positive references!  We got positive technology feedback from Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Breakthrough Energy Coalition Member, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited. We would like to thank Mr. Mukesh Ambani for this great reference, for his time and support! Kindly look through the reference.