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With international, USA, and Russian patents, GLES’ proprietary Waste Conversion Pyrolysis (WCP) System provides the opportunity to reduce landfill, reuse by-products, and recycle energy all in one elegant solution. Manufacturing of the unique innovative equipment and completing parts is performed under long-term contracts with proven, quality-controlled companies located in Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, USA, and Russia (Moscow region and Karelia). Serial production was launched in Q2 2012.


Green Light Energy Solutions has assembled and tested a full-scale ready-to-use pilot facility on the territory of its production partner in Moscow region, Russia. This facility is considered the largest waste processing facility based on conversion technology. It is the first technology in the world to implement the “next generation” high-temperature pyrolysis process. The facility has been operating in a testing mode and has successfully processed wood waste and mixed municipal solid waste. Environmental and ecological assessments have been conducted by SGS, a renowned independent laboratory and certification agency, in December 2011. Based on the results obtained, SGS confirmed the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis technology to be one of the best waste processing technologies available nowadays, exceeding performance of its competitors in the thermal conversion of waste. Expert opinion and related documents issued by SGS are open to public at our "Environmental safety" page.





Our Strategy and Mission:


We are dedicated to engineering cutting edge technologies in Environmenytal Protection. Our mission is to be the global partner of choice for public and private energy from waste projects by providing superior client-focused solutions that reduce pollution, create renewable energy sources and new green jobs in local markets and establish global green energy standards.


Our projects not only provide environmental benefits, but also demonstrate a shorter payback as well as financial savings suitable for both public and private budgets. In addition, our products generate extra income by complying with the terms and conditions of the Paris Agreement of Climate Change Conference, signed by 174 Countries  under control of UN in New York  (22 April 2016). 


Green Light Energy Solutions manufactures and supplies key equipment of the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis system, providing the appropriate engineering drawings, assembly drawings, owner’s manual, a set of spare parts for the first year, designer’s installation support, operating personnel training, and a 1-year warranty. Our strategy is to cooperate with and license engineering and construction companies in the local markets to enable them act as general contractors and provide complete turn-key solutions to the governmental and commercial customers.



Our primary intellectual property is a proprietary Waste Conversion Pyrolysis System being protected with International, U.S. and Russian patents. Our patent notifications are presented below: