Investment Opportunity


Lucrative Partnership Opportunity for the Engineering, Construction Companies, Developers and Investors

Green Light Energy Solutions R&D Corporation has an exciting partnership proposal for the Engineering, Construction Companies and Developers!

What technology do we currently implement?
High-temperature pyrolysis technology for processing of municipal solid waste and wooden chips into carbon monoxide and hydrogen in quantities for a wide range of commercial and residential, marine, aviation and automotive uses. This innovative new much-needed technology uses no fossil fuels, leaves no carbon footprint, and releases no emissions that contribute to global warming.

Where we are currently working?
Currently we have projects in progress. The locations are: Port Everett and Port Angeles in Washington, Montana, Kentucky, Cincinnati, California state area of USA; Calgary, Toronto Canada; Middle East; Africa; South America.

What do we already have?
  •  The unique patented technology of transforming MSW and wooden chips, plastic, tires into valuable pyrolysis gas. The produced pyrolysis gas contains plenty of hydrogen and carbon monoxide and does not generate any emissions hazardous for the environment when processing. It's a particularly environment-friendly renewable and emission-free energy source.

  • Pyrolysis equipment manufacture expertise and vast experience.

  • Additional equipment manufacturing contractors, our experienced and reliable partners.

  • The ready for work production sites with all the required infrastructure.

  • Guaranteed unlimited feedstock stream.

  • Government support.

What about money?
  • The billions of dollars can be saved by no longer need to import oil, natural gas, coal, uranium!

  • No more waste transportation costs and disposal fees!

  • Commercial use of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in residential, marine, aviation, and automotive industries.

  • The billions of dollars will be saved by federal budgets stopping to spend extra public funds for healthcare sector to fight with the after effects of the unwise waste disposal.

  • This technology will lower the cost of electricity, which will greatly reduce the cost to manufacture goods and services, will increase profits, and cut inflation.

  • Carbon dioxide and methane emission reduction that will equal to approx. 330, 000 tons of CO2 emissions per one line, each to be sold under United Nations Climate Change Conference regulations at price starting from 14$+ per ton of CO2.

What do we propose?
Perform engineering, construction and installation works for the specified projects. Perform equity investments into construction of the processing facilities or an investments into GLES R&D Corporation equity at Investor's choice.
We welcome Engineering, Construction Companies, Developers and Investors to take part in the construction of the presented turn-key solution and support the sustainability trend which is currently spreading all over the Planet.

Alex Feerer
Founder/President/Chairman of the Board Green Light Energy Solution R&D Corporation

Green Light Energy Solutions Corp. offers limited amounts of stock, available for accredited investors only in a private placement.

Please contact our corporate attorney Ms. Svetlana Kamyshanskaya to get the investor questionnaire to be completed by all potential investors.


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