Our Investors


Alex Rovt, equity holder. Dr. Alex Rovt, strategic investor and equity holder.

Dr. Alex Rovt, PhD., is the President of IBE Trade Corporation, a world leading production, sales and marketing firm specializing in agricultural fertilizers. 

A native of Ukraine, Dr. Rovt held positions relating to food and agriculture in the Republic of Hungary before coming to the United States in 1985. As a salesman, he showed significant progress in his career and became the president of IBE Trade leading the company to become a global supplier of fertilizers controlling 12% of world’s ammonia supply and 6% of ammonium nitrate. Alex Rovt has been featured on the Forbes list of 400 richest Americans.


Alex Rovt donates generously to education, health, is a Trustee of Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center and a Member of the Small Business Advisory Board of the New York State Senate.


Mr. Vladimir Gulashinov, strategic partner and equity holder.

Vladimir is the CEO of the Russian limited liability engineering company “Novye ekologichnye predpriyatiya” ("New Environmental Facilities"). In April 2012 the company has become an exclusive representative and general contractor on the territory of the following subjects of Russian Federation: Udmurt Republic, Republic of Tatarstan, Perm region and Sverdlovsk region, and is engaged into engineering, construction and service of the "turn-key" waste processing facilities based on the Corporation's proprietary Waste Conversion Pyrolysis system.