The Team


Alex Feerer, CEO Alex Feerer, President and Founder of Green Light Energy Solutions, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was born in 1952 in Ukraine. Alex Feerer holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Odessa Chemical-Engineering University and Kiev University of Trade and Economics and has a Master of Business Administration MBA) degree. 


Alex has over 40 years of progressively responsible experience in USSR (15 years) and USA (over 25 years) directing as many as 4,000 employees in companies with product sales turnover in excess of $500 million in a variety of industries, including meat products, building products, agriculture and financial services. Alex has successfully led these companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes, increasing industrial capacity, production profitability and sales turnover of the directed companies several times. His understanding of both domestic and international distribution channels encompasses retail sales, wholesale, OEM, direct sales, leasing and government markets. He has a vast experience in the development of various environmental programs.

Among his significant previous positions, Alex served as Executive Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the multifunctional meat processing plant and manufacturer of deli-meat products. As President of California Trading Export Financing Corp. Alex has gained high achievements in exploring new market channels for the company.


In 2006, he made the decision to invest into the development of new waste-to-energy technologies. His passion for continuous development and enhancement of environmental technology has finally made him start his own business the same year. In no time Alex managed to draw together and educate a like-minded business team as well as create a strong design-engineering team to support the development of innovative technology and work out a full set of construction blueprints, production and operation documentation just from scratch. Consequently, these achievements resulted in setting-up serial commercial production of the newly designed innovative equipment on partner manufacturing facilities and bringing to life his dream of creating a more hospitable and clean environment for the future generations. Under Alexís authority the team has created and brought to commercial scale a fully innovative project which is unique and unrivalled in the whole world.


Marat Kulakov, General Constructor Marat Kulakov, Chief Technical Officer, has more than 50-years experience in hydraulics, machine building, casting, heat treatment, acoustic engineering, vibrating and noise insulation, aviation and many other fields. His patents have been applied to construction in the field of hydraulics, machine building and chemical heat treatment, for which he has been favored with the highest state awards. During the Cherkessk Hydroelectric Power Plant construction in Russia, technology for on-site assembly of the turbine and generator developed by Mr. Kulakov was implemented for the first time in the world practice.


Marat graduated as a mechanical engineer from Leningrad State Shipbuilding and Dagestan Polytechnic Institutes and has further continued his education in the fields of law and industrial engineering. Having worked in various industries and fields of activity, he has acquired extensive knowledge of power engineering, geology, biology, astronomy, etc. 


Marat has sharpened his skills and gained experience working on flagship machine-building plants of his home Dagestan Republic. He has spent over 35 years on famous Gadzhiev plant where he facilitated all the necessary steps of production organization and was engaged in personnel training and division management until he finally took up the general constructor position in 1975. The plantís products were sold in more than 40 countries worldwide, including, but not limited to United States, Australia, and European and Asian countries.


Mr. Kulakov is the direct manager of a young and talented team of engineers and technologists being guided by him to cultivate and polish their skills thereby delivering top quality results in short terms.  Under his supervision GLES' engineering team upgrades the designs and develops new generations of equipment  to bring new solutions based on Waste Conversion Pyrolysis technology to the waste market, performs in-process manufacturing control, technical and technological consulting of the EPC contractor, develops technical requirements and recommendations for engineering, site layout plans and foundation requirements as well as provides on-site designerís supervision over assembling and mounting of the WCP equipment.


Gerald J. Tobin Gerald J. Tobin, Esquire, Legal Advisor; Member of the Board of Directors.


Gerald J. Tobin was born in Brooklyn, NY.  He attended Brooklyn College and after moving to Miami, Florida, attended the University of Miami, where he obtained his BA Degree and his J. D. Degree.  He has practiced law successfully since 1962.  He is admitted to practice law in all Florida State Courts, US District Courts and Courts of Appeals.  He is admitted to practice in the NY State Courts and is also admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court. 


Mr. Tobin has held both public and private positions among which are: Municipal Court Judge for the City of Miami and Senior Municipal Court Chief Judge for the City of Miami. 


Mr. Tobin was a founding member of National Corrections Management, Inc. and National Corrections Construction, Inc.  These companies were the second companies formed in the construction and management of private prisons and jails in the United States and abroad.  Mr. Tobin served as General Counsel for the companies and was an owner of the companies.  Some years after their founding, the companies were sold to a public company. Mr. Tobin is currently counsel for Trillion Entertainment, Inc. and Trillion Digital Media; both companies are in Los Angeles, CA, in the movie business.


Mr. Tobin has received many awards during his career from such organizations as The Florida Crime Prevention Commission; he has been designated a Community Leader of America; has served on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers of Greater Miami, Inc., Voters, Inc.; and has received commendations from the City of Miami, from the Democratic Club of Miami Beach and many professional associations.


Governor Bob Graham appointed Mr. Tobin as a Board Member of the founding Board of P.R.I.D.E. of Florida, which is a semi-public, semi-private corporation dealing with the Florida Prison System and designed to create jobs within the prison system, teaching inmates trades so that upon their release they do not go back to a life of crime. 


In 2010, Mr. Tobin accepted Greenlight Energy Solutionís offer to sit on the Board of Directors and act as Legal Consultant to the company.


Alex Feerer, CEO Ilya Denisov, Deputy Chief Technical Officer.


Ilya graduated from the Bauman Moscow State University  from the department of mechanical engineering.  He successfully participated in on-the-job training programs and internships at the leading Russian enterprises such as NPO Energomash, RKK Energiya, Balashikha Casting-Mechanical Plant and others. Ilya joined the GLES team in 2011 as the junior technical specialist and soon got a position of designing engineer due to his active participation in the demo unit assembling process and in the construction documents preparation.


Currently Ilya is engaged in development, designing and upgrade of the advanced equipment  within the WCP project.







Gregory Schneider, Head of Procurement and Supplies Department.


Gregory received higher technical education from Odessa Institute of Measuring Equipment, and has a long-term experience working on machine building plants in Odessa, Ukraine, and then in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Since 2002 he has been employed by Premier Drinks LLC in Moscow, Russia, as warehouse chief, also serving in the procurement and supplies division.

At Green Light Energy Solutions, Gregory works in close collaboration with the engineering team and is reponsible for purchase and procurement of completing units for the production and selection/procurement of standard equipment to complete the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis processing line.