Almost every day we get the emails for equipment requests and many of them do contain short references for the technology, equipment, corporate culture, etc.


We have chosen the most sound, and are proud to share them with the potential partners, colleagues and site visitors!



Our partners and contractors highly value the technology and equipment developed by Green Light Energy Solutions Corporation.


Some references are presented below.




Alexei Marchenkov, Ph. D., former CTO for 

"Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkolTech)"

 and "Technopark" Projects

at Skolkovo Foundation, Russia - Silicon Valley


Letter on facility's performance confirmation
by SGS






  Sub Committee's on Ecology Decision










AdvTech Construction Corporation, 

our partner in the development of turn-key

projects utilizing the WCP technology and

equipment in South America








Jack Allen Holdings Limited, 

our partner in the development 

of the MSW processing plant 

for the Worcestershire County, UK



WSP Future Energy,

technical advisor of our customer 

in the Mauritius proj