Green Light Energy Solutions Corp. is a production company and does not offer any construction or engineering services.


Our strategy is to cooperate with and certify engineering and construction companies in the local markets in order to facilitate their construction and furnishing of complete waste-to-energy processing plants based on our proprietary Waste Conversion Pyrolysis Technology. These companies would therefore act as our general contractors with the following functions: Project Concept/Feasibility; Project Design/Planning; Permitting and Legal Agreement; Project Management/Development; Project Implementation/EPC; Facility Management/Operation and implement the turn-key projects utilizing our Waste Conversion Pyrolysis Technology for the end customers worldwide.


With this in view, Green Light Energy Solutions sells exclusive distribution, construction and engineering rights for a 7-year period to large established private companies engaged into environmental projects development or construction. Under this framework, Green Light’s offer to potential customers is to purchase the WCP equipment manufactured by the Corporation (exclusive of the waste pre-processing and energy generating blocks) at a fixed wholesale price, develop and manage the whole project independently with no GLES influence on the final price of the turn-key project. Green Light will provide supporting documentation and designer’s supervision during installation and commissioning.


Green Light Energy Solutions is currently developing a network of exlcusive partners representing the Corporation in the particular territories. The aforementioned exclusive rights are sold to private companies throughout the world based on the marketing potential of each country or region. The applicable fees are presented below (click on the images to enlarge):



Distribution feesMarket potential