Photo Gallery

We are happy to share various GLES photos. Here you will find many images of the equipment parts from the mass production. Kindly track the amazing process of the equipment manufacturing!

Enjoy the construction and manufacturing process with GLES!



    Main Burner





Screw Conveyors





         Driving Unit of the Screw Conveyors





  Sidewalls of the Retort







Mounting Insulation Material onto the Oxidizer








 Mounting Insulation Material onto the Heat Chamber



 Completed Refractory Lining of the WCP Heat Chamberís Base



Heat Chamber




Gas Pipeline





Air Pipeline




 Demo-facility installation. Voskresensk.


      Heat Chamber Base Installation                                          Sidewalls Installation on the Base of Heat Chamber



      Sidewalls Installation on the Base of Heat Chamber                   Installation of the Heat Chamber Covers




                Motor Reduction Installation                                           Screw Conveyors Cooling System Installation



                      Loading unit and Reactor                                             Ready-Assembled Pyrolysis Reactor



      Burners Installation on the Sides of Heat Chamber                               Reactor Heating System



         Protective Barriers and  Ladders Installation                                            Pipelines Installation



Demo-facility. Assembled Representation.