Green Light Energy Solutions presented its proposal of a waste to energy gasification plant to Solid Waste Recycling Ltd. of Mauritius


An official representative of Green Light Energy Solutions Corp. in Udmurt Reublic of Russia, Engineering company "New Enbironmental Facilities" has made a proposal of a waste to energy conversion project under Waste Conversion Pyrolysis technology to the local government.


An all-Russian non-governmental organization of small and medium businesses supports Waste Conversion Pyrolysis technology and advises its implementation in Russian regions. 


Ltd. "Engineering company"  “Novye ekologichnye predpriyatiya” ("New Environmental Facilities") became the official general contractor for Green Light Energy Solutions Corp. in some regions of the Russian Federation.


Green Light Energy Solutions Corporation is pleased to announce its successful participation at the IFAT ENTSORGA trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.


Green Light Energy Solutions Corp comments on the pilot facility and marginal testing in winter 2011-2012.


Green Light Energy Solutions at the global trade fair IFAT 2012 in Munich!


Green Light Energy Solutions has now received from SGS an official confirmation report following environmental tests taken in December 2011 on the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis pilot facility in Moscow region.


Green Light Energy Solutions has received preliminary results of the WCP pilot unit emissions' testings from SGS.


Green Light Energy Solutions begins disassembling of the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis pilot facility before shipment


After marginal testing in December 2011 the Waste Conversion pyrolysis reactor revealed the clarity of the retort walls and screws’ blades, justifying the technological now-how of the company.


Representation of  Green Light Energy Solutions Corporation has officially launched its operations in Russia.



Environmental expertize of the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis pilot facility in Moscow region has been conducted by the independent international laboratory of SGS.


A Russian TV channel from Moscow region has recently visited the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis pilot facility in Voskresensk, Moscow region.


A formal presentation of the first full-scale Waste Conversion Pyrolysis facility has been successfully held in Voskresensk, Moscow region, on November, 8th.  


Installation of all systems and components of the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis pilot facility at “Mashinostroitel” manufacturing plant in Voskresensk, Moscow region is finished.


Managing company “ASK” prepares to implement waste-to-energy projects implementing Waste Conversion Pyrolysis technology in Russia.


Green Light Energy Solutions’ private investor and shareholder Dr. Alex Rovt visited the demonstration site and observed the assembling and mounting process of the pilot Waste Conversion Pyrolysis facility.


Green Light Energy Solutions is moving forward assembling its pilot full-scale Waste Conversion Pyrolysis unit. Gas burners utilized for heating up the retort have been installed onto the heat chamber of the reactor.


Green Light Energy Solutions continues assembling its pilot Waste Conversion Pyrolysis facility in the city of Voskresensk, Moscow region.  To date, receiving bunker of the reactor's loading unit has been mounted. The gear motor moving reactor's inner screw conveyers is now being installed.