Dear Friends and Partners We Highly Appreciate your Support!

Yesterday we received an email referencing our technology and can not help sharing it! We are happy to know that we have like minded people on this way of making our Planet cleaner and a better place for the next generations. We can make a change with your support!

Thank-you for the documents describing your technological  process, I have been researching hemp agronomics and pyrolysis/gasification techniques  for about a year now. Much to my amazement I came across your waste energy plant on youtube after typing in Russian Pyrolysis and I can honestly say  it is some of the Most impressive technology I have ever seen. The city I live in is Saskatoon and current dump is situated next to the river upstream where  water plant is located, and it is the most backwards set up you have ever seen, not to mention the hormones leaching into the water supply, after coming across your beautiful waste plant technology in february I sent a letter to city council telling them about it, I did convey to them your website and I'm not sure if they contacted you yet ? I'm just a civil servant, I was going to wait for them to call me rather then being a bother. In my spare time i research Pyrolysis reactors, and I am looking forward to reviewing the technological information you have  gave me and applying towards my CAD concepts. I sure  hope the The City of Saskatoon will consider the Plant.
Thank-you for your Time and Technology
     will be in touch

Stay with GLES!