GLES launches commercial sales of the unique WCP complex

San Francisco, USA - May 30, 2015 - GLES launches commercial sales of the unique Waste Conversion Pyrolysis Equipment. The company manufactures and supplies key equipment of the Waste Conversion Pyrolysis that generates electrical energy, harvests process heat, reclaims industrial-grade water, and minimizes or even  eliminates the need for a landfill while processing  municipal solid waste (MSW). 


Technology and equipment were tested in full 125 TPD scale (loaded with the presorted and dryed mixed MSW) and proved its efficiency and invoronmental safety. Independent international agency SGS made and an official  report on the air emissions of the WCP facility.


We are glad to announce that currently the full set of the equipment documentation including operations manual is completed and commercial production is launched.


The Waste Conversion Pyrolysis equipment is supplied with a set of the operational documentation and manuals. Green Light Energy Solutions provides training of the operating personnel and designer’s supervision over assembling of its proprietary equipment as well as over commissioning of the entire facility. 


GLES would be glad to supply our unique equipment for the Waste-to-Energy projects all over the world.

We are glad to share news and photos from the equipment production site!

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