GLES WCP vs Solar / Wind Technologies

The emerging market of alternative energy sources is growing rapidly. While this is a niche of high-economic potential, a perfect storm of new technologies appears and tries to draw our attention.

Currently the market is flooded with solar panels, wind generators, and waste-to-energy facilities. All of them answer the most pertinent question of the mankind, “How to get clean energy?” While most of the mentioned technologies cause little or almost no pollution, the last one produces clean energy out of pollution itself and deals with the current climate challenges in an integrated manner.

We have created a visual piece to pay your attention to the rock-solid fact that Waste-to-Energy technology is uniquely focused on addressing two major challenges of the modern era, opposed to the solar, wind and geothermal technologies designed to solve the only problem of resource scarcity. Moreover, there are many other differences in the technology concept, which is definitely of interest to many of you.